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Frequently asked questions:

How long do you need to finish a job?

It was for yesterday“: I’m not the right designer for you! Each project requires a well-organized workflow. Based on the project, I can establish a deadline.

Do you collaborate with other professionals?

In connection with my services, I collaborate with professionals of different specializations. Marketing, Photography, Copy, Developer, 3D-Animator.

When is time to change/renew the brand?

  • Yesterday you said tomorrow“: You’re never going to change.
  •  A perfect concept design is functional. If your brand is just “nice” and does not express the company’s values: you have a problem.
  • Times change quickly. You have to keep up with trends. Don’t be glued to the past.
  • Do you fully satisfy your niche market?
  • If it’s time for a change, do it now!

What are your rates?

  • Definitely not work for free!
  • Every project is different, so the price too.
  • However, the price is based on the concept, experience, time and many other factors.

Is the client always right?

I don’t believe in that. After 10 years as designer, I learned that a “win-win” situation is the best way. I believe in mutual respect. Grow and improve together. Your success is my success.